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Part of what makes a mobile home the perfect living choice is the actual mobility and ability to pick up and move. That said, moving is always a stressful experience. When it's time to move your home, you want to be sure you're working with the best and most experienced movers possible. Trusting your home to even a professional driver is can raise valid concerns. There are times, however, that you need the assistance of hiring professional mobile home movers.

When looking for a mobile home moving service, be sure to find a few so you can compare and be sure you're working with the best. Look up their experience and reviews for each one. A low price is great, but you want to know your movers have experience moving mobile homes like your's. Check to see they have the right insurance, are licensed to move homes in your state (and other states as necessary), can get all the permist and bonds needed, and know whether or not a police escort is necessary.

Moving Your Manufactured Home

Mobile, or manufactured homes must be capable of withstanding the move. Often, older homes are seen as an unfit candidate for moving. Transporting a mobile home is tough, even on homes in excellent condition, which is why you need a professional moving company. Some transporters have a rule that a home moving more than 50 - 100 miles needs new tires and other standard equipment on the home for safe and secure delivery.

White tiny home by blue tiny home with picnic table and fire pit
White RV with bike on back facing mountains

Preparing a Mobile Home for Transport

While many professional transporters will be able to assist in preparation, there are some things you can do to speed the process along. The first thing to do is remove the skirt that hides all of the external hookups. After the skirt is removed, you'll want to remove all of the external attachments. Including turning off and removing the utilities such as: plumbing, gas, water, cable, etc. Consider other attachments that high winds could have an effect on and remove those as well. Then, you'll move to the interior and be sure all valuable or unstable items are removed or secured.

Mobile Home Transport Zoning

Based on location, manufactured homes are built to different standards; Housing and Urban Development has created three thermal zones, wind zones, and roof load zones. States along the Gulf of Mexico are a Zone 1 based on the likelihood of hurricanes and damaging winds, and areas with a history of tornadoes and earthquakes are in Zone 2. The northern parts of the country are a Zone 3. If you are in a home built for Zone 3, you can't move it to a Zone 1 location, however if you have a home built for Zone 1, you can move to a Zone 2 or Zone 3 location.

Side of RV parked in a national park

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

The costs vary significantly based on the size of the mobile home, distance, local regulations, and timeframe. For most mobile home moves, expect to spend at least $2,000 for a local move, and more for longer moves. Double wide mobile homes are oversized items and will require additional permitting, route planning, and assistance to move compared to a single wide home. Prices vary considerably, but expect to start in the $3,500 range for a short, local move.

For more insight into what it might cost to transport your mobile home, visit our cost to ship a mobile home page. There you can view mobile home shipments completed through our marketplace and get a better idea of how we work. Don't forget there are more costs involved in moving. Be prepared to calculate your total moving expenses.

Moving a Manufactured Home with uShip

Save time and money when moving your mobile home by using uShip. Simply create a listing with your moving needs, dates, and as much detail as possible. As soon as you complete your listing, you'll start getting quotes from professional mobile home transporters. With uShip, all your research is in one place. Get quotes delivered and review the carriers' history, customer-rated reviews, and talk to them directly to get a better feel for the services they offer. Once you find a transporter whose quote and service works for you, accept their quote, and you're on your way to your new home.

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Mobile Buildings Commonly Moved on uShip

  • Single Wide Mobile Homes
  • Double Wide Mobile Homes
  • Small Homes (aka "Tiny Houses")
  • Commercial Travel Trailers
  • Large Workshops, Garages, or Sheds
  • Modular Homes
  • Mobile Offices for Construction, Oil and Gas, etc.

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