Make the most powerful online freight exchange your own.

Your carriers. Your shipments. Your transportation market.

The uShip platform has moved over a billion dollars worth of freight, between millions of shippers and thousands of carriers.

Now you can leverage the power of this industry-leading technology to meet your own unique shipping needs. Introducing uShip PRO.

Build and optimize your own approved carrier network.

Easily invite your current carriers and find great new ones in the uShip marketplace.

Automatically track performance and monitor compliance. Only your pre-approved carriers are able to book your shipments.

Negotiate and dispatch online. No phone calls. No paperwork.

Carriers accept your price or place competing bids electronically, saving you time and getting you the best possible rates.

Shipments can be auto-tendered to pre-approved carriers or assigned directly. Fully integrates with and complements your existing TMS.

Track your loads throughout the transit process.

Monitor shipments in real time and receive updates without phone calls through our industry leading mobile platform.

Automate check calls to keep you up to date on progress while the shipment is in transit.

Monitor true market rates with real-time pricing and analytics.

Your personalized dashboard gives you the insight into pricing and load dynamics needed to take your business to the next level.

Make the most powerful online freight exchange your own and integrate your TMS »